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There is hardly a person on the planet who hasn’t heard of the name Kanye West.

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There is hardly a person on the planet who hasn’t heard of the name Kanye West. From his less-than humble beginnings as producer for names like Jay-Z to his influence over the music, fashion and entertainment industries at-large, Mr. West walks the line between insanity and genius.

2020 has been quite a year for Kanye Omari West. In the last few months alone, we saw him reach billionaire status, largely in part due to his incredibly popular sneaker collection. And, saw him make-due on his promise to run for President of the United States.

But now that the 46th President and VP have been chosen and even with his promise to run again in 2024 despite his 60,000 votes, Kanye is currently dealing with a ton of backlash.

Yeezy Renames Fall Collection
Image Source: Yeezy Mafia

One in particular Yeezy fans may have noticed is the recent name changes to the entire Fall collection. Much of the controversy goes back to the release of the 350 V2 “Israfil” released in August. The Muslim community took to social media, shaming both the rapper and the sneaker brand of mocking the Islamic faith. For those who may not know, Israfil and Asreil rank among the highest of angles, and naming footwear after such holy figures is seen as extremely disrespectful to religious observers.

Social media also called for a global Muslim boycott of adidas until the names of the sneakers were changed. Although both 350s released with Kanye’s given names, it seems that adidas has stepped in and made adjustments with the remainder of the collection. This could also be due to statements made regarding the German multinational corporation at Kanye’s one and only Presidential campaign over the Summer.

In more recent news, trouble for Kanye comes in the form of a $1 million class-action lawsuit. Unpaid workers who assisted in Ye’s biblical opera, Nebuchadnezzar performed back in 2019 have come to collect. So far, Mr. West and his team have yet to comment on the class-action suit. However, this may be due to him recovering from his major political loss. So what can we expect Kanye to do next? Be Kanye, of course.

SnkrsDen Kanye West

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